Fall 2017 Recruitment Information

To find out more about Fall 2016 Recruitment at USC, including online registration, contact:

USC Office of Residential and Greek Life
USC Panhellenic Council

Basic Outline of Formal Recruitment

​​Days 1 & 2: Open House

During these days you will have the opportunity to visit each of the sororities on the row. It is a great time to talk to girls in each of the chapters and get a feeling for each individual house. At the end of these two days, you then narrow it down to houses you feel you would fit in best!

Day 3: Break

Day 4 & 5: Involvement Day

During the Involvement Days, you will attend up to eight chapters. You will have the chance to go inside the rooms at each of the houses and learn more about each sorority through talking to more girls and finding out what makes each chapter unique.

Day 6: Sisterhood Day

By Sisterhood Day, you will have narrowed it down to 4 houses. During this day, you will get to sit back and eat some delicious food while watching a video presentation that each chapter has prepared.

Day 7: Preference Day

The last day is preference, which is the most formal and intimate part of the recruitment process. In the evening, you will share dinner and a ceremony with up to two sororities.

Day 8: Bid Day!

The last day is the most exciting of them all... Bid Day! During Bid Day, you will find out which sorority you have been invited to join. After finding out, you will run to the row to begin Bid Day celebrations with your new sisters!