Big & Little

One of the most exciting weeks of the year is the week leading up to Big/Little reveal! All the new members of the Alpha Nu chapter get paired up with an older girl in the house who will be their Big Sis. Each night during Big/Little Week the Bigs leaves a clue about themselves along with gifts for their Little. Its always exciting for the Little Sis to try to figure out who their Big could be! Then after the week of anticipation, there is Big/Little reveal where the Bigs provide a costume for their Little Sis and together in their matching outfits they spend a fun-filled night with the sorority!


We like to say that this is the day we "get married to DG". Presents is an Alpha Nu tradition that takes place during parents weekend where all the New Members get to show their parents their new home at SC. All the New Members wear white dresses and carry beautiful bouquets of cream colored roses (our flower) as they are introduced and welcomed formally to the Alpha Nu chapter.

Senior Week

Senior week takes place at the end of every school year. The entire sorority looks forward to celebrating the seniors and all their acomplishments. Each senior is assigned a "Senior Team" which is comprised of about three younger members of the house. This senior team is responsible for making the week a great finale to the senior's college experience. For instance, the Senior Team provides the Senior with Costumes to wear out during the evenings' festivities and they write odes to their senior which they read during the senior dinner at the end of the week.  While its a bitter-sweet time of the year, this week is a great time to reminisce on amazing memories and for the younger members to show their appreciation for the girls they see as role models.