Invites are the highlight of the year for many Delta Gammas! Grab a date, get dolled up, and spend a night with all of our sisters. At venues all around the LA area from Santa Monica to Hollywood we have 4 invites per year- Semi Formal, Decades, Anchor Ball, and Luau. These nights are great opportunities to get off campus and enjoy a night of dancing and socializing (and a lot of great food) with best friends!


Exchanges are events were DG and fraternity pair up and spend the night at a venue in LA. The events are always different, exciting themes that require some pretty creative costumes (like our recent "Wizards and Lizards" exchange with Lambda Chi). These events are a great way to meet new people and make new friends within the Greek community.

Football Game Days

The entire Trojan Family eagerly anticipates the start of football season! The campus comes alive prior to kickoff with generations of Trojans filling every inch of grass with tailgates. Delta Gammas love, more than anything, the chance to show their Trojan pride!  During the game DGs can always be found scattered throughout the student section, wearing their DG game day apperal and cheering our team onto victory!

For Delta Gammas, the Homecoming Game is one of the most anticipating games of the season! Every year DG is paired up with a different fraternity, with whom they particiate in various activities throughout the week prior to the game. Usually, float building and lawn decorating, where we decorate the lawn and house of our partner fraternity, are everyones favorite activities. This week is an awesome time to meet new people while showing our school sprit and support for the football team! Fight On!